Movie Mr. Bean's Holiday

Mr. Bean wins a trip to Cannes where he unwittingly separates a young boy from his father and must help the two come back together. On the way he discovers France, bicycling, and true love, among other things.

Country UK, France, Germany
Director Steve Bendelack
Casting Rowan Atkinson, Steve Pemberton, Lily Atkinson, Preston Nyman, Sharlit Deyzac, Luc Palun, Francois Touch, Philippe Cariou, Emma de Caunes, Arsène Mosca, Stéphane Debac, Willem Dafoe, Philippe Spall, Jean Rochefort, Karel Roden
Genre Comedy, Family

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Sea! Sea! Sea!
Mr. Bean's Holiday
The beauty of friendship
Mr. Bean's Holiday
I struggled to survive
Mr. Bean's Holiday
Forget the beach
Mr. Bean's Holiday