Movie Catching Hell

After the Chicago Cubs blow an opportunity to reach the World Series in 2003, Cubs fans blame the team's misfortune on fellow fan Steve Bartman, who interfered with a foul ball and prevented Moises Alou from making a catch.

Country USA
Director Alex Gibney
Casting Moises Alou, Steve Bartman, Bill Buckner, Bob Costas, Josh Doust, Alex Gibney, John Kass, Matt Liston, Jim Litke, Steve Lyons, Vin Scully, Dan Shaughnessy, Scott Turow, Michael Wilbon
Genre Documentary, Sport

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The moment to turn the game
Catching Hell
Why was Bartman the one?
Catching Hell
Scott Turow - Drop set
Catching Hell
Steve Lyons
Catching Hell
Wayne Drehs - Nobody thinks that this is the end now
Catching Hell
Eric Karros - Collective feeling
Catching Hell