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Forgotten password. Have you forgot your password? That's not a problem, you just need to click the link “I forgot my password”! Your password will be emailed to you. How to change the profile picture? Nothing can be easier! Simply click the link “Upload a photo” below the profile picture in the menu, in the right upper corner of the webpage. You can choose a photo which represents you best on our site. How can I change my personal information? It is surprisingly easy, too. You can use the direct link “Edit my profile” or go to the “Profile settings” and simply write your changes in the lines intended for this. Where can I see “My Favourite” ? You can always quickly access your favourite quotes, films, actors, playlists and Tontiaggers in your profile. Deactivate the account You are no longer interested in Tontiag and want to leave us?
We are very sorry about it. This is the way you do: in your “profile” you should click the “Settings”, then click “Unsubscribe me”. Are you sure about your choice?


How to find a user? You have two solutions. Either you use the search bar, which means you already know the person’s name. Or you can go to the tab “Tontiaggers” which will help you perform an advanced search. How to subscribe to a person’s page? When you are on a Tontiagger’s profile page and you want to follow his/her activity, click on the “heart” icon below the person's avatar. How to send a message? Have you found friends on our site? Keep in touch with them and find new acquaintances with the help of private message exchange. To contact a Tontiagger, just click on the small envelope sign in his profile. How to get to the TOP TONTIAGGERS ? All the site users take part in the rating. What do you need to do in order to become the celebrity of the site? Be as active, as possible! Each action you take on the site (adding information to your profile, comments, dialogues, etc) helps you win new scores.


How to search for a movie? You can find a movie in the search bar or fill in the search form in “Films” and “Detailed search” tabs. The movie profile contains a mistake, how to correct it? To edit the profile, you have a link “Make changes in movie description” next to its name, or you can contact our team by e-mail [email protected], specifying the movie and the mistake. We will make every effort to correct the mistake as soon as possible. I cannot comment on the movie, why? This is definitely a technical problem. Try to renew the page, and if the problem is still there, contact the technical support team. How to add an image to the movie? All the images presented in the movie profile are linked to the downloaded dialogues. Publication of a new image is possible only in case you add a new dialogue. How to add a dialogue? There is no problem in adding a dialogue. You just need to go to the movie page and click on the “microphone” icon. Then you should provide an MP3 file containing a dialogue, and a corresponding image. After that, follow the instructions in the dialogue adding form. How to listen to a dialogue? This is very simple, you should click on the tab “Player” of each dialogue, or click "Play all the movie dialogues ”.


Create a playlist It‘s easy as a pie! Just click on “add playlist” and give it a name. Then you can add all dialogues up to your choice in your playlist! Add a dialogue to your playlist While listening to the dialogue, click a “plus” in the player, choose one of the existing playlists, or create a new one and add the dialogue! Edit the playlist To edit the name, description of the playlist, or add the image presenting it, go to the section “My playlists". There you can see the link “Edit the playlist" next to each title. Add the playlist to Favourite The playlists are public, which means, available for all Tontiaggers. Therefore, you can look through other users’ playlists and add the best ones into your Favourite playlists. Open the chosen playlists and click on the “heart” icon next to the image presenting it!


How to share a dialogue in a social network? You can easily share a dialogue, while listening to it. To do this, just click on the share icon in the player, and then choose a social network where you would like to share the dialogue. How to share a movie in a social network? That's amazingly easy! When you go to the page of a particular movie, you only need to click the social network icons to choose, where you will share the film.


We offer you a chance to test your knowledge in an awesome movie quiz. How to take part in it? That’s simple! Click the tab “Quiz” and start playing. Each quiz includes 10 questions with several answers to choose. You need to find the right one!


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