General Terms of Use

1. Site Description

Created and developed in 2014, Tontiag was born in the conversation between its founders about the game aspect in the exchange of quotes from famous films. This website is an opportunity to share and improve one’s knowledge of the cinema world entirely free of charge. One of the first websites providing such kind of service is described here.

2. Your Intellectual Property

The user grants the Site gratuitous non-exclusive sub-licensable permit for usage, modification, public display, reproduction and distribution of publications the User puts on the Site or any other media, or electronic communication service provided by the Site. This permit expires at the moment the User removes his publications from the Site.

3. Intellectual property of other Users

Other Users of the Site may put online publications in accordance with General Terms of Use. The User commits not to get access to the publications of other Users by any reason, except personal non-commercial use, and if provided and allowed in the standard functions of the Site.

4. Our Intellectual Property

The Site, as well as all its elements (such as software, texts, logotypes, brands, domain names, titles, images made available by the Company, and databases created by the Company) are the exclusive property of the Company or the object of prior authorization for usage by third parties.

Any total or partial reproduction and representation of an element composing the Site and/or its structure without prior authorization by the Company will be considered as counterfeiting by the Code de la Propriété Intellectuelle (the French Code of Intellectual Property), and will entail corresponding penalties.

5. Our Responsibilities as Web Host

The Site cannot be held liable or responsible for any illegal or harmful content, on condition that, from the moment it has received such information, it has undertaken prompt actions for removing the content or made the access to it impossible.

6. Our Responsibilities as User

The Users are requested to respect all legal and regulatory measures in force. The User must ensure that all his publications submitted to the Site do not contain violation of intellectual property of third parties, attacks on individuals (namely defamation, insults, injuries, threats, etc), affront to public order and morality and respect privacy rights (namely justifying crimes against humanity, incitement to racial hatred, child pornography, etc), and respect human privacy rights.

The User commits neither to express opinions or claims that do not reflect his own ones, nor to act or interact on the Site or with other Users for commercial purposes.

The User commits to put all his efforts to observe spelling, grammar and syntax rules of the English language, avoid obscene, insulting or offensive language, and ignore phonetic language and SMS.

Any publication which does not correspond to these rules may be removed if the Site is informed about this violation.

In case of regular violations, the Site will be considered as the only judge to make decision on closure or suspension of the User’s account as the author of the abusive publications.

7. Registration and Access

For the purposes of Site functions development, you have to create an account by filling in the online form intended for this. Creating an account is free of charge.

To create an account, the User has to fill in a registration form with the information requested, and choose a login and password. An e-mail with confirmation will be sent to the User to his/ her electronic address mentioned in the registration form.

Access to your account is possible after entering your username and password linked to it, the confidentiality of which is our responsibility. Usage of the Site according to your registration is possible during unlimited period of time.

8. Termination of Usage

The present Conditions will be in force before their termination performed by you or the Company due to the below-listed circumstances.

8.1. You can terminate your account either in the “Settings”, or by informing the technical support team of the Site.

8.2 The Company has the right to terminate your account, in case if:

you do not follow any of the conditions of these Terms (or act in a way revealing absence of your intention or ability to follow the conditions of these Terms); or

The Company is obliged to do this under law (for example, in case the Service provided is illegal).

9. Protection of personal data

The Company respects the Users’ privacy rights and conforms strictly to the laws in force which protect private life and personal freedoms. The information provided by the User in the forms placed on the Site is necessary for meeting his / her demands and is intended for the Company or other possible service providers.

10. Availability of the site

The Company commits to make its best effort to provide security of the Site, consultation and usage of the Information and / or Site services. The latter is available 24/7, except the cases of force majeure or any other event beyond the control of the Company, and in cases subject to any breakdowns and maintenance operations failures as a result of which the site can’t function properly. Being bound by the funds, we may not be responsible for any harm, of whatever kind, which may happen due to the non-availability of the Site.

11. Data preservation

We keep the personal information, provided by you, as long as it is appropriate for realization of our commercial purposes, and till the moment you ask us to remove it.

12. Modifications

The Company keeps the right to change or modify without limitations each element of the Service, change the conditions of the General Terms, suspend or terminate any Service or its part.

The User will be notified about the alterations introduced in the Services and/or General Terms by an e-mail, or on the Site, without the Site being responsible in this regard. In case the User does not accept this alteration, he/ she can terminate their registration under the conditions provided by Article 8 of the General Terms.

In case of contradictions between the conditions of the General Terms and any alteration introduced, in particular, with the aim to abide the national law in force, the changes introduced in the General Terms will prevail.

13. Regulations and jurisdiction

The current General Terms abide to all aspects of Spanish law.