TV Serie Heartbeat

Inspired by true events, follows the hardships and professional challenges of female doctors who decided to open a new medical center, Women's Medical Arts, in response to health care system not addressing many problems of female patients.

Country USA
Director Gene Reynolds, Robert Becker, Al Waxman, Dale White, Harry Winer, Gwen Arner, Reza Badiyi, Bill Duke, Michael Fresco, Kim Friedman, Helaine Head, Nancy Malone, Greg Rose
Casting Kate Mulgrew, Laura Johnson, Darrell Larson, Ben Masters, Gail Strickland, Lynn Whitfield, Carmen Argenziano, Julie Ronnie, Debra Jane Mitchell, Ray Baker, Claudette Sutherland, Gina Hecht, Lou Beatty Jr., Amy Moore Davis, Katherine Cannon
Genre Drama