TV Serie Largo Winch

Largo (Winch) is the illegitimate son of Nerio Winch, a billionaire industrialist, who did business very much in a greyish manner. When Nerio sensed that his time was up he named Largo his ...

Country France, Germany, Canada, Belgium, USA
Director David Wu, Susanna Lo, Daniel Grou, Jean-Pierre Prévost, Paolo Barzman, Dennis Berry, Laurent Brégeat, Gérard Hameline, Peter D. Marshall, Joseph L. Scanlan
Casting Paolo Seganti, Sydney Penny, Diego Wallraff, Serge Houde, Geordie Johnson, Charles Edwin Powell, Tyrone Benskin, Sonia Benezra, Michelle Lipper, Alexander Bisping, Victoria Sanchez, Agathe de La Boulaye, Vernon Dobtcheff, Bruce Dinsmore, David Carradine
Genre Action, Adventure, Crime, Drama