TV Serie Go Girls

Amy, Britta and Cody are 25 and have been friends forever but their lives aren't going as they thought they would. They plan to be married (Cody), famous (Britta) and rich (Amy) within a year.

Country New Zealand
Director John Laing, Britta Johnstone, Peter Salmon, Angela Bloomfield, Katie Wolfe, Jonathan Alver, Murray Keane, Katherine McRae, Michael Duignan, Britta Hawkins, Peter Burger, Joshua Frizzell
Casting Irene Wood, Ingrid Park, Bronwyn Turei, Alix Bushnell, Annie Whittle, Brittany Wakelin, Matt Whelan, Jay Ryan, William Davis, Bronwyn Bradley, Tania Nolan, Esther Stephens, Anna Hutchison, John Tui, Leighton Cardno
Genre Comedy, Drama