TV Serie Power Rangers S.P.D.

Fifteen years into the future, Earth has welcomed alien beings to live with humans. But peace is short lived, as a planet conquering alien force turns its destructive attention to Earth! ...

Country USA, New Zealand
Director John Laing, Greg Aronowitz, Britta Johnstone, Paul Grinder, Andrew Merrifield, Mark Beesley, Charlie Haskell
Casting Brandon Jay McLaren, Chris Violette, Matt Sadowski-Austin, Monica May, Alycia Purrott, John Tui, Rene Naufahu, Michelle Langstone, Barnie Duncan, Kelson Henderson, Jim McLarty, Olivia James-Baird, Josephine Davison, Derek Judge, James Gaylyn
Genre Action, Adventure, Crime, Family, Sci-Fi, Thriller