Movie The Young Messiah

At the age of 7, Jesus Bar-Joseph lives with his family in Alexandria, Egypt, where they have fled to avoid a massacre of children by King Herod of Israel. Jesus knows that his parents Joseph and Mary have secrets they are keeping from him, secrets about his birth and about traits that make him very different from other boys. His parents, however, believe him too young to grasp the truth of his miraculous birth and purpose. Learning that the murderous Herod is dead, they set out to return to their home of Nazareth in Israel, unaware that Herod's namesake son is, like his father, determined to see the boy Jesus dead.

Country USA
Director Cyrus Nowrasteh
Casting Sean Bean, David Bradley, Adam Greaves-Neal, Sara Lazzaro, Jonathan Bailey, Isabelle Adriani, Rory Keenan, Dorotea Mercuri, Vincent Walsh, Christian McKay, Lee Boardman, David Burke, Paola Lavini, Jane Lapotaire, Finn Ireland
Genre Drama