TV Serie Kevin Hill

Kevin Hill was a swinging bachelor and top notch lawyer, but after his cousin died he was left with his cousin's ten month old daughter, Sarah. Now Kevin must deal with being a new parent and a lawyer at a new smaller firm.

Country USA
Director Arvin Brown, David Solomon, Milan Cheylov, David Straiton, Pat Williams, Mel Damski, Kelly Makin, Bruce McDonald, Arlene Sanford, Ken Girotti, Chris Grismer, Eric Laneuville, Oz Scott, Stephen Williams
Casting Taye Diggs, Jon Seda, Patrick Breen, Christina Hendricks, Kate Levering, Michael Michele, Michelle Arvizu, Lia Alfonso, Elijah Haniff, Jahrome Haniff, Xavier Benjamin, Lisa Marcos, Janaya Stephens, Leila Arcieri, Imani Lindsay
Genre Drama, Romance