TV Serie Granite Flats

It's 1962 when recently widowed Beth and her son Arthur move to rural Granite Flats, Colorado. They meet a town thrown into fear and suspicion after a terrible explosion at the nearby army ... See full synopsis »

Country USA
Director Scott Swofford, Ryan Little, John T. Kretchmer, Brian McNamara, Sterling Van Wagenen
Casting Jonathan Morgan Heit, Annie Tedesco, Richard Gunn, Charlie Plummer, Malia Tyler, Jessica Wright, Ethan Ross Wills, David Naughton, Brandon Molale, Peter Murnik, Scott Christopher, Taryn O'Neill, Melissa Milius, Mitchell Fink, Maia Guest
Genre Drama

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Don't give him a thumbs up!
Granite Flats
Granite Flats. Madeline pulled off his ear
Granite Flats
Then Wallace stepped in
Granite Flats
It started at lunch
Granite Flats
Want me to tell you about the fight?
Granite Flats
Nurse Milligan
Granite Flats