Movie The Trip

Paul Groves (Peter Fonda), a television commercial director, is in the midst of a personality crisis. His wife Sally (Susan Strasberg) has left him and he seeks the help of his friend John ...

Country USA
Director Roger Corman
Casting Peter Fonda, Susan Strasberg, Bruce Dern, Dennis Hopper, Salli Sachse, Barboura Morris, Judy Lang, Luana Anders, Beach Dickerson, Dick Miller, Caren Bernsen, Katherine Walsh, Michael Nader, Bárbara Ransom, Michael Blodgett
Genre Drama

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Plea not guilty
The Trip
Everything's familiar, but I feel separate
The Trip
I haven't done anything
The Trip
Shall we start?
The Trip
I should know you
The Trip
Just relax, man
The Trip