Movie The Last Samurai

An American military advisor embraces the Samurai culture he was hired to destroy after he is captured in battle.

Country USA
Director Edward Zwick
Casting Ken Watanabe, Tom Cruise, William Atherton, Chad Lindberg, Ray Godshall Sr., Billy Connolly, Tony Goldwyn, Masato Harada, Masashi Odate, John Koyama, Timothy Spall, Shichinosuke Nakamura, Togo Igawa, Satoshi Nikaido, Shintaro Wada
Genre Action, Drama, History, War

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He hoped that you would remember the ancestors who held this sward
The Last Samurai
Life in every breath
The Last Samurai
They are not ready
The Last Samurai
We cannot work it who we are
The Last Samurai