Movie The Princess Diaries

Mia Thermopolis has just found out that she is the heir apparent to the throne of Genovia. With her friends Lilly and Michael Moscovitz in tow, she tries to navigate through the rest of her 15th year.

Country USA
Director Garry Marshall
Casting Julie Andrews, Anne Hathaway, Hector Elizondo, Heather Matarazzo, Mandy Moore, Caroline Goodall, Robert Schwartzman, Erik von Detten, Patrick John Flueger, Sean O'Bryan, Sandra Oh, Kathleen Marshall, Mindy Burbano, Kimleigh Smith, Elizabeth Gudenrath
Genre Comedy, Family, Romance

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Wow is having the power to effect change
The Princess Diaries
No one can quit being who they really are
The Princess Diaries
I've made a list of all the reasons for you not to be a princess
The Princess Diaries
How about a foot massage
The Princess Diaries