Movie Robin Hood

In 13th century England, Robin and his band of marauders confront corruption in a local village and lead an uprising against the crown that will forever alter the balance of world power.

Country USA, UK
Director Ridley Scott
Casting Russell Crowe, Cate Blanchett, Max von Sydow, William Hurt, Mark Strong, Oscar Isaac, Danny Huston, Eileen Atkins, Mark Addy, Matthew Macfadyen, Kevin Durand, Scott Grimes, Alan Doyle, Douglas Hodge, Léa Seydoux
Genre Action, Adventure, Drama, History

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Richard commanded loyalty not by threats, but by example
Robin Hood
Loyalty means paying your share in the defence of the realm
Robin Hood
It seems we are to share my chamber
Robin Hood
I may have need of him
Robin Hood
I did not make myself King
Robin Hood