Movie Youth Without Youth

A love story wrapped in a mystery. Set in Europe before WWII, a timid professor is changed by a cataclysmic event and explores the mysteries of life.

Country USA, Romania, France, Italy, Germany
Director Francis Ford Coppola
Casting Tim Roth, Alexandra Maria Lara, Bruno Ganz, André Hennicke, Marcel Iures, Adrian Pintea, Alexandra Pirici, Florin Piersic Jr., Zoltan Butuc, Adriana Titieni, Mircea Albulescu, Dan Astileanu, Cristian Balint, Dragos Bucur, Theodor Danetti
Genre Drama, Fantasy, Mystery, Romance, Thriller

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Your recovery is amazing
Youth Without Youth
I'm a failure
Youth Without Youth
I would say 'Yes'
Youth Without Youth
I think we should get away
Youth Without Youth
I can be of some service to you
Youth Without Youth
Don't leave me
Youth Without Youth