Movie Hope Floats

Birdee Calvert must choose between her morals and her heart after her husband divorces her and a charming young man, who her daughter disapproves of, comes back into her life.

Country USA
Director Forest Whitaker
Casting Sandra Bullock, Harry Connick Jr., Gena Rowlands, Mae Whitman, Michael Paré, Cameron Finley, Kathy Najimy, Bill Cobbs, Connie Ray, Mona Lee Fultz, Sydney Berry, Rachel Snow, Christina Stojanovich, Alissa Alban, Dee Hennigan
Genre Drama, Romance

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You think you've lost it
Hope Floats
You look awful
Hope Floats
The American dream
Hope Floats
My daddy is coming back
Hope Floats
It's not the time for your matchmaking
Hope Floats
Broken promise
Hope Floats