Movie Romeo Is Bleeding

A corrupt police sergeant who supplies tips on the locations of safeguarded witnesses to the Mob bites off more than he can chew when he attempts to assassinate a beautiful but ruthless ...

Country UK, USA
Director Peter Medak
Casting Gary Oldman, Wallace Wood, Juliette Lewis, David Proval, Will Patton, Gene Canfield, Larry Joshua, Michael Wincott, Lena Olin, William Duff-Griffin, James Cromwell, Paul Butler, Annabella Sciorra, Tony Sirico, Victoria Bastel
Genre Crime, Drama, Thriller

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More risk, more pay
Romeo Is Bleeding
You will do the job
Romeo Is Bleeding
You get the point?
Romeo Is Bleeding
Her laughing
Romeo Is Bleeding
Better than sex
Romeo Is Bleeding
Keep looking
Romeo Is Bleeding