Movie The Whole Wide World

In Texas in the 1930s, young schoolteacher Novalyne Price meets a handsome, eccentric, interesting young man named Robert Howard. He's a successful writer - of the pulp stories of 'Conan ...

Country USA
Director Dan Ireland
Casting Vincent D'Onofrio, Renée Zellweger, Ann Wedgeworth, Harve Presnell, Benjamin Mouton, Michael Corbett, Helen Cates, Marion Eaton, Chris Shearer, Leslie Berger, Libby Villari, Sandy Walper, Dell Aldrich, Elizabeth D'Onofrio, Antonia Bogdanovich
Genre Biography, Drama, Romance

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A beautiful sunset
The Whole Wide World
The most beautiful girl
The Whole Wide World
See how dressed up I am
The Whole Wide World
I've got a gun
The Whole Wide World